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Watermen are the ultimate ocean stewards. When you spend most your time and energy playing in the Ocean, you learn the importance of caring for the oceans and beaches. We believe it's our duty and kuleana to care for our environment. And hopefully through our passion for surfing we can inspire ocean stewardship through all of our lessons.

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Here at Maui Surf Lessons Pro, we love Ocean and we love spreading the stoke of surfing! Surfing – also known as he’e nalu or “wave sliding” in Hawaiian – dates back hundreds of years. Not only is surfing an addictive and fun-loving pastime, it is a longstanding Hawaiian tradition.


At Maui Surf Lessons Pro, our goal is to provide high-quality surf lessons that leave our guests smiling and feeling more connected to the ocean environment. As surfers, we pride ourselves on delivering an authentic experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


All of our lessons are led by a dedicated team of watermen and women who have the patience and surfing knowledge to help you catch your first waves! Join us to experience the true art of surfing with the best instructors on Maui.

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We care about doing right for our ocean, planet, and community. Here are just a few ways that we are working to make a positive difference:

  1. We teach our guests the importance of respecting our ocean environment. Stepping, kicking, or breaking coral can significantly harm the coral reefs where we surf. We never walk on the reef. 

  2. Recent research shows that sunscreens with oxybenzone can negatively impact our coral reefs. To avoid the harmful impacts of sunscreens, we provide our guests with rash guards and reef-safe sunscreen FREE of charge with every surf lesson. 

  3. Single-use plastics are one of the worst ocean polluters. To minimize our waste, we provide water to guests using stainless steel, reusable water bottles.

  4. We DO “mini beach trash removal” before each surf session.

  5. In addition to being awesome surfers, all of our instructors are also Certified Marine Naturalists. 

  6. We believe that teaching people to surf is an important part of developing ocean stewards. We use our surf lessons to inspire people to get stoked on protecting the ocean!

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Certified Surf Instructor

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